Illustrated Lectures

I can offer a series of illustrated lectures covering the following topics:

Venice - the seeing eye
A look beyond the normal tourist views at the history, architecture, transport and living conditions in Venice

World of Winter Whiteness
Winter walking in Austria and Switzerland including stunning snow and ice scenery

A tour of Western Ireland
A roving view of the West of Ireland from Achill Island to the Cliffs of Moher

California & the Golden West
A 2500 miles tour through wonderful scenery and a different way of living

Nile Adventure
A trip from Luxor to Aswan and back visiting many temples

Danube Cruise and Vienna
A cruise from Linz to Budapest with extensive cover of Vienna

An evening of Audio visuals
A wide range of audio visual presentations all accompanied by music

From Novice to Now
The author's journey from a novice to national districtions

in addition there is a series of Digital Workshops

Digital imaging the next steps
Taking the technical aspects further in how to modify and improve digital images

Repairing old photographs
Examples of techniques to repair and revitalise old pictures

RAW, LAB and blending
An exploration of what RAW can achieve and how the LAB colour space can bring new dimensions to digital photography

PhotoShop Surgeries
An examination of images submitted on the night - how they would be judged and what steps could be taken to improve them

A strategy for sharpness
A range of strategies to ensure optimum sharpness in photographs

Monochrome conversion methods
A demonstration of the various methods of achieving monochrome images from colour

Close up and macro without tears
A demonstration of various method of achieving close up and macro images

Images put aside and so far not used
One hundred (or so) images not much used

The Art of Photographing water
A demonstration of methods and results photographig water

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